Pathway to Peace

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Jan 14 Day 8

Well thanks to the pain I have felt with every other meal I am getting a tube tomorrow. So there we go. I am sick enough. And now terrified. All this because my GI system is shut down. Not because my weight. Not because I refused food. But because I am literally that sick. So tomorrow…on my dad’s bday when I should be celebrating, I will be getting a feeding tube. If that isn’t hitting your rock bottom I don’t know what is. I just hope I can look back on this on the hard days and remember why I want to fight. At least that will honor him.

But this is the sick price of anorexia. IT will tell you aren't sick enough, keep you off of machines...and then out of nowhere either kill you or take you to your sick enough. To your rock bottom. And once you are will be begging you hadn't waited so long. So if you are out there wondering if you should fight please do. Because I thought I wasn't sick enough till I got a tube. And now I am getting a tube and I am terrified. Beyond terrified. Scared of the rapid weight gain I think will happen even though same calories. Scared of the pain. Scared when they will take it out. Just scared. 

And the last thing I am is proud. I am just saddened. This is how I celebrate my dad's b-day. Through a feeding tube. Not though a freedom food...because now ED even robbed me of that opportunity. But through a feeding tube to nourish me to the point I can eat food again. That is rock bottom...and something's gotta give. For my dad. For God. And For me. 

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Jan 10th Truth Day 4

Well today found out wouldn’t have survived another day at home and yet STILL don’t feel sick enough. Also put on bed rest and ALSO told liver is getting worse. Then was hit with fact I gained, I am feeling full and disgusting, and I want to restrict. Luckily (or not so luckily according to ED)….I did 100% at bfast so I don’t see any point to now start to restrict because already ate too much. Wish this was more positive, but its just reality. Sorry guys.

Okay, I owe it here to be honest where my mind was at so that you all can know. I intend to restrict at least next 4 if not 5 days…maybe longer. Honestly, I realized I haven’t hit my rock bottom and if I keep doing 100% it would just be with the intention to leave here and go back to restricting. Back to losing weight. I think that part of me that actually wants this to stick and to recover is scared if I do that. If I eat, leave, and then come back when have hit rock bottom (ie lost enough weight to feel sick enough), I would die before it would happen. So I think that part of me that wants to survive. That part inside that really wants to recover. That part is the part planning this restricting while here. Because then I won’t die (ie because in hospital setting) and can jump back on board when hit rock bottom and realize enough is enough. Plus it would give me a good almost month under my belt of restricting (1 week in RVI (Dec 19-25), 2 ish week in hospital (Dec 25-Jan 6), one week here by the next 5 days)…plus doubt they let me go more than 5 days here not eating.

Hoping these 5 days will remind me how sick and tired you feel, my vitals will be off, will lose weight, and then will be sicker and at rock bottom I feel better about. Will finally feel sick enough, will have shown them here that I can restrict, will prove to myself still could restrict if wanted (ie, recovery is my choice) but also won’t die. Can’t tell you why I feel such peace about this decision, but I do. And don’t even care I am doing 100% today because of it.


Well finishing last 100% for awhile. Honestly, excited for next 5 days, but not for the restriction, but the end of it. Because if I am being so careful. Willing to get committed to stay here and relapse short-term and safely (ie won’t die because in hospital and will be time limited) then there is a part of me that wants to live and get better. I want to make sure I don’t leave wanting to restrict. Look for more journaling to come over next 5 days to document the lows. Am nervous won’t lose the weight though.

Jan 12th: day 6

Hit with how sick I am over the past two days. Struggled with meal plan yesterday and after just one day was already feeling as crappy as was before. Was a good reminder of rock bottom, but led to my heart to almost give out last night. So today slammed with if I leave anything behind I will automatically get an emergency tube. Thats how scared they are for me and my life. They say I am still on deaths door.

I also am not being allowed solid foods starting tomorrow because of my system. It doesn't know how to process solids anymore and due to having now been diagnosed with SMA syndrome and gastroparesis literally my stomach doesn't work and artery is choking my intestines. So if I don't do liquids I risk my stomach exploding, being rushed to a surgery they don't think I would survive and if I do survive being on a tube. So all these fears I had. All these times didn't think I was sick enough...well....clearly I am.

So learn from me. If you are struggling get help now. Let your rock bottom be not wanting to be where I am. Sitting in a hospital room instead of thriving and living. Rolling in pain after eating solids. Having to eat puddings, applesauce, and cheerios like a baby all because of your GI system. Being on constant monitors. Not able to stand longer than 10 minutes. And constantly scared you won't survive the night. Fight now. For me. For you. For life.

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Jan 9th Day 3: ED SMASHED

Jan 9th


Well they sent up the wrong thing and too much eggs so I am definitely not feeling comfortable eating at all. I think I am definitely going to restrict rest of the day because I am so pissed about this. I know, I know…how disordered is that. It’s just already been a long day and I am struggling so so so bad. And honestly for a suprising reason. It’s because I woke up RAVENOUS and feeling THINNER, yes I said THINNER than yesterday. Took pic of eggs and will be showing nutritionist, because this is not okay.


Well I met with doc (and yes I did 100% b-fast and boy am I glad I did). Guess what, guess what? I LOST. That’s right. ED was wrong, I can trust my team. Even with greasy chicken, TWO things of bread, fatty popcorn and the HUGE oatmeal and me not measuring things and TEAS all of it…all of it and I LOST! And even had to practically lick the plate. OMG and had omelette. I ate normal foods. I ate normal and I LOST weight. I am so thrilled. Yes, yes, I know it’s bad to lose, but maybe I am at the weight I wanted to be and maybe, just maybe I can eat again.

The thing is I am still terrified. Because I am sitting here at lunch, the fish looks fatty and there is RICE….WHITE RICE….and too much cantaloupe. It’s this trusting other people with my portionings I don’t like. But hey, another thing to look forward to outside of here…I can measure my own stuff. SO SO SO SO SO excited. And my team is being so open and honest with me about my weight trends. I feel here they truly meet me where I am. I wish they would push me a little more with some things, but can talk to nutritionist on Mon about those things. And also….well…I need to learn to push myself. Oh, and I am not leaving this week as I wanted to. Well time to do the dirty and eat….excited to see if I can lose again tomorrow (think a lot of it was just poop weight and so tomorrow will gain).

I am just so excited for the potential of a future! A realy future. One where I can just eat and not worry. Can’t wait to mark off some fear foods today.

This has also taught me to take it meal by meal. I was already planning to restrict today when today hadn’t even started. And yet I woke up feeling less and therefore not wanting to restrict. Time to start embracing the power of the moment and the peace of prayer.


Well a fear food dinner…all for dad and for future, because definitely could see as real meal. Turkey and hummus on flatbread (FEAR FOODS) with side watermelon and a sprite zero and apple spice tea to drink (FEAR DRINKS). I mean this seems so normal and like something I can incorporate in my future.

I am also so so so mad at myself because I am still using such ED behaviors, still convinced I am not sick, and not embracing I am. Almost wish I was still having complications (though they making it seem like those will come as I re-feed) OR that I was being treated more sick  instead of all my vitals being good and all these priveleges given. Granted the only reason not treated so fragile because they know here how to treat chronic anorexics like me so don’t have to put us on wheelchairs, tubes, etc or treat us as severely.

I  mean still they use infant cuff on me, check sugars all the time, monitory labs constantly, and limit my standing. So maybe…I mean maybe I am sick. But its fact given every privilege I ask for that I am not feeling or embracing sick. And things got so better so fast after started doing 100% feel I really wasn’t that sick. And I wsih I was because I want to embrace it and use this one chance to fully embrace rest and recovery. Choose all fear foods, stop food rituals, and not force self to stand…yet I just can’t because I feel so healthy and good. Is it bad that I am praying complications come. Yes, yes it is. But I feel if they don’t. If I don’t feel like shit again soon….I am going to leave here, lapse, and come back sicker just because won’t ever feel am sick enough. But what will sick enough be. I mean sugars when I arrived were sick enough. I am sick enough to not be accepted at any other treatment center. And to jump a waiting list and even insurance coverage just to come. Crazy how quick I forget struggling to walk up steps and praying would survive. But I did forget it and I do feel better and that is causing me to not embraceI am sick.

I just want to rest…to truly see I can rest, lead normal life (ie only stand when need to and do approved exercise), eat whatever want and be okay. Any suggestions be appreciated.


Terrified by the calories in this snack won’t lie and of course chose it for next few days. Not felt as hungry today and haven’t stood as much tonight. I am just worn out and exhausted if I’m honest. Trying to recover while desperately clinging to my eatng disorder is exhausting and miserable. Just want to let go and trust but when I close my eyes to take the leap of faith….and I count to 3…my feet are still planted and I haven’t jumped. At least I did 100% today. I guess for now that can be okay. Too exhausted to even vent. Night.

Friday, January 8, 2016

Jan 8th DAY 2 ACUTE (first day 100%)

Jan 8th ACUTE DAY 2

Promised nutritionist to trust her through this weekend. No, didn’t wake up feeling this way, but after feeling like crap again today, realizing mom leaves tomorrow….I have to get better and I have to get home. That only comes through 100%. That only comes through learning to recover here, so I can do it at home. That only comes through doing enough work here that I don’t need residential. That only comes through trust. So for me, for recovery, and for my family, I am giving it this weekend.

People are right, right now I can’t recover at home, but I can learn how to here. Otherwise, another 3 month span without family, without friends, without freedom. Or I learn, I trust, and I do it at home. But I have to fully embrace and commit.

And yes, that may come with uneasy weight gain, but again….I need it and if I can’t do it here, I can’t do it outside of here either. And I have to do it. I have to get home.

Snack time

Well was feeling good, confident….was even hungry for lunch and snack. And lunch didn’t seem as overwhelming….just egg white omeltte, one slice toast, and cantaloupe. Plus was excited for mom to visit…then came snack. Ordered plain popcorn thinking be safe…then saw damn nutrition facts….160 calories, 12g fat. What am I stupid. Well will do 100% today, but not so sure about commitment to nutritionist for this weekend. May be rescending that. Plus found out insurance won’t be covering at 100%,  just at 80/20%.

Well did 100%, not happy but realized I can just go back restricting tomorrow, but at this point ate way too many cals to turn back. Then again, told nutritionist till Monday….and could see if I gain (she is saying I won’t) just sucks have to wait till Mon, but then can always go back to restricting right? I don’t know guys, I don’t know, but at least today can fake it. And no one here will know. Plus promised a good friend and my mom….but would like insight…give weekend? Or just go back restricting and try again Mon.


Well just reassurance to people that the anxiety will pass. I decided can just ask doc about weight tomorrow. Doing 100% today to try. Plus they accidentally sent me TWO caffeinated drinks and dinner looks healthy and normal. Grilled chciekn, watermelon, saltine crackers, bun. Okay okay it was essentially a sandwich, but I don’t eat it like that.  AND they forgot my lettuce and tomato slices. But idk this reminds me of what dad would make on nice summers day, or what mom and I may have one day sitting outside rocking on porch. I am going to ask if they will let me journal during meals. That would be very helpful for me and be what I will be doing at home. Love you all.

Amazing how tides turn again. Word to the wise….NEVER admit (unless life-threatening or emergency or no choice as in my case) so close to the weekend. Not smart to eat 100% the day before there is no nutritionist there to reassure you the next day you didn’t gain exorbitant amount of weight as is now my fear. But maybe I will wake up different. ALSO had to choose meal plan for whole entire weekend today and would choose different now that know the calorie counts on crap. Well learned lesson and looking up calorie counts on all the snacks tonight. Anyway, in the meantime having to finish 100% tonight which SUCKS! I mean partly no, but partly yes.Not only that but vitals already better, saw really sick girl in hallway who had feeding tube (I never have needed one…..well never accepted one so makes me feel not sick or deserving enough). Anyway, here is where this leaves me.

I figure can go back to fasting tomorrow. Problem is, nutritionist has me on really big breakfast now, so if I eat bfast it means I’m screwed when comes to restricting (ie have to do very low that night). So feel cornered and trapped and like I have to make the decision tonight. To restrict or not to restrict tomorrow, because can’t do b-fast and get good restriction in (if find out after b-fast I have gained tons of weight after 100%), but also can’t skip b-fast and get 100% tomorrow. So either I start out failing my ED (yes I realize this is better option recovery wise) or failing at recovery. I don’t know, writing it out I think I am going to have to just suck it up, do b-fast, wait for doc, and restrict rest of day. Would probably also help with blood sugars so don’t have surprise juice in day.

See, had I admitted earlier in the week would have dietitian here to support me tomorrow, of course guess the weekend and the uncertainty would still come. Plus would still get increase on the weekend. I mean my dietitian really, really doesn’t think I am going to gain on this low intake, but I really, really think (and know) I am and I don’t want to wait till Mon to fast again because then treatment team can intervene and do tube. I don’t know I am so confused and so scared. So I guess..I guess all I can do is ask for support and prayer. Especially if you have ever been at ACUTE and have experience with the meal plan.

So here is my questions

(1) Is better option just to commit to 100% b-fast and then can still choose to restrict rest of day, or to just restrict at b-fast make it easier throughout day.
(2) Do I give it till Monday and then give self option to go back to restricting (if nutritionist wrong), or go ahead and get my last restriction in this weekend when they can’t shove tube down me (no nutritionist here wouldn’t know), an re-commit Monday.

Here is my other problem…there’s always going to be weekends.  Always going to be times I just have to trust and won’t know what weight did. There is also always going to be mornings. Will never see dietitian before b-fast so I am either always going to have to restrict b-fast (ie never comply) OR I am going to need to start always doing 100% b-fast and making other decisions later (ie take one meal at a time).

Also, if I get so desperate to know weight….and start to try and force team to tell me my weight or trends…won’t they be less likely to do it? I mean because if it’s just going to cause me to restrict any time they say it went up, then they might get less likely to tell me. It’s like the saying goes….you win more flies with honey than vinegar. I mean I am more likely to get doc to tell me weight trend if I start by saying…."Look I was terrified, but I did b-fast. I complied, I just need to know what’s going on or I really don’t think I can keep it up. I just need reassurance right now” Instead of “Look I restricted this morning because you wouldn’t get in here and tell me my weight didn’t balloon. So next time get here quicker just for me and ED.”

Okay I think I talked…well typed myself into right thinking. I think will try at least to do b-fast and can change it rest of day. Thanks everyone, would still like your insight though.

P.S. Plus wouldn't it be better to be able to come on here Monday saying, I faced my fear guys. I faced it for all of you. I gave food, gave recovery, gave freedom a chance and didn't balloon, than to come on here tomorrow saying...well I proved everyone right and went back to ED? 

Thursday, January 7, 2016

New Journey: ACUTE Day 1

Jan 7 ACUTE Day One

Was going to write this in my journal, and still might, but it’s such a positive post and thoughts streaming so much, figured make a great first blog entry to new journey.

So due to anorexia finally taking it’s toll, I have moved my treatment to Denver ACUTE in Denver, Colorado to begin refeeding, and today is day one. I am hoping to blog every day as I go through this journey to give insight into the highs and lows of treatment. Did I want to accomplish this outpatient, yes. But honestly right now that is a risk to my life.

Today I met with dietitian and I can say this is the first time in treatment I actually, truly trust her. I mean she laid it to me straight. Was blunt that at 72.6 lbs and BMI 11.4 I really am sick. Also, found out there was a waiting list of 11 people which I jumped ahead of. So all this chatter in my head telling me I don’t deserve to be here, is complete BS.

Then came facing the menus and meals. She was honest that she was starting me on low calories (think I will ask her amount tomorrow), but for me it’s set up as exchanges. What reassured me was actually when she had to add to my exchanges because I was too low in cals. She let me know she is monitoring cals. I guess when she puts it in computer, it calculates my calories for the day. She reassured me she won’t let me go under, but wont let me go over calories either. Everything is very closely monitored because of my condition. Knowing she was actually tracking calories made me feel more free to choose exchanges, and I was shocked as she still had to add more exchanges even though I chose what I truly wanted.

I also had to face the fact everything right now is a fear food. Literally there was not one safe item on the menu. But yet, I am excited about that because she is pushing me to face them, not just go with my typical safe things. And I am being completely open and honest with her.

I will admit ED got to me a bit today. I kind of used the excuse I didn’t have to do 100% today to not do it. But still it was nice to sit with the foods. I was planning to not do 100% tomorrow either because my weight was up today, but then I realized what am I doing? I mean, this is my money I actually spent this time and I am wasting my money if I am sitting here not complying. Plus, if I truly want to see if she is wrong about my body, if I really don’t need all this food, and if I want to see if I can eat and can embrace these foods, I have to just do it. I have to jump in, I have to trust she is right, and I have to just see. Risk being wrong, for chance I may be right.

Plus, hearing testimonies from people that weight gain really is slow here and also hearing from the dietitian my cals are low and weight restoration usually doesn’t happen till closer to 2500 calories, made me feel maybe I could give this a shot. I just finally feel I am somewhere who understands how severe my case is, how terrified of weight gain I am, and is meeting me where I am at.

With that said….I think I may try 100% tomorrow. Or at least until I meet with dietitian, then can vent all my fears to her and let her know I really, really don’t trust this. I also have to be honest that seeing 100% makes me feel like failure and somehow I still have pride in getting away with not eating. I know it’s ED but it’s just so hard.

But at this point, I can’t leave here till I am eating. And I want to go home, not residential after this (plus don’t have the money for that) and only way to prove that is possible is to eat 100%. And I really do trust the dietitian and think she will tell me if I start to have crazy rapid weight gain. Okay…wish me luck tomorrow. Maybe tomorrow will do 100% for my mom (her last day here) and for early b-day gift for dad (his b-day would be a week from tomorrow), and maybe a little for me….and the future I want. Wish me luck. Guess one day can’t hurt.

Oh and one other thought having that is helping me. If I gain this little bit of weight, and really can’t stand it, and go home…then if I am honest I know how to lose it. It wouldn’t be that hard. I can always go back to what I was doing. But right now, here, supported at ACUTE….its my only shot to trying something different. My only shot to see another life, and if my worst fears come true….then I can lose the weight. But what if they don’t, what if I see weight gain okay, recovery okay…and I don’t want to lose the weight. That is my one shot at freedom. I think that one shot is worth the risk of hating the weight gain and having to restrict and lose it. I can risk a little weight for a chance to be free (plus most people I hear only gain like 6 lbs here…2lbs a week).